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Cycle hire scheme caught between a rock and a hard place

Don’t look here for a bike after 5.30PM, docking station on Scala Street, W1 The ability of casual users to make use of the London Cycle Hire scheme has been delayed again. TfL are now saying it will be the … Continue reading

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Not perfect and more work to do, but Ken’s the better choice

The choice of candidates wasn’t ideal and the campaign not entirely riveting, but the different choices on offer to Labour members for their candidate for Mayor are now clear. Oona King has made great play of being the new kid … Continue reading

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Ignore the headlines, Brent is going in right direction on bin collections

Don’t ever say this blog doesn’t tackle the big issues. It’s not sexy and most of us don’t really want to think about it, but refuse collection and recycling is probably the service people use most from their local authority. … Continue reading

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What are TfL hiding about the cycle hire scheme?

[Photo: The Basket – James Cridland – Licensed by Creative Commons] The cycle hire scheme has had a troubled birth with technical issues and escalating costs. While the users of the scheme undeniably find it useful, whether the scheme is … Continue reading

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Must Try Harder – Oona’s Transport Policies

Any candidate for London Mayor will not deserve to be elected without a coherent and comprehensive vision for London’s transport system. The current Mayoralty’s policies have been hijacked by special interests and lack ambition. So any alternative candidate will need … Continue reading

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Hooray for Oyster!

It’s easy to forget what an innovation Oyster was and in many ways still is. As well bringing convenience to everyone who use London’s transport system, it has undoubtedly increased the use of public transport. Whilst the rollout to National … Continue reading

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The Economics of Cycle Hire

Boris is about to launch his signature (and very expensive) cycle hire scheme. To assess what benefits this might produce I have asked TfL for some help with additional information. They seem to be taking longer than would normally be … Continue reading

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